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Going Rogue

Australias Saltwater Crocodiles are the biggest most fearsome reptiles alive. Theyre big, brash, fast and capable of consuming any animals that enter their territory  including humans.  On the break of extinction as recently as the 1970s, Australias Salties have bounced back thanks to conservation measures. Now, with over 100,000 of them in Northern Territory alone, managing their numbers is the responsibility of the five fearless members of the specialist Crocodile Management Unit.

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In Northern Australia lurks one of the country's most fearsome predators, the saltwater crocodile. Follow the team responsible for patrolling a myriad of rivers and lagoons to protect the city of Darwin from this threatening and potentially deadly reptile. Join the Croc Management team as they receive a report of a crocodile wreaking havoc on a popular waterway. The team sets traps to catch the unwelcome predator and when they successfully trap their target it's a battle of man against croc.