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Sawfish Giant

From the rapids of the Hells Canyon river gorge in Idaho to the remote waters off Andros Island in the Bahamas, dive in with Dr. Brady Barr as he embarks on a mission to better understand one of the strangest looking fish on the planet: the smalltooth sawfish. An ancient cocktail of a creature - it fuses a shark's tail with a rays flattened body. But the thing that's truly unique about this fish is its long snout studded with needle sharp teeth: the saw. The fish has evolved over millions of years perfecting this body design, yet scientists are not sure exactly what the saw is for, or why this fish needs teeth outside its mouth. Dr. Brady Barr will stick his nose into this mystery - to find out why the sawfish has a saw. To find out, Brady will turn to two other ancient oddballs of the fish world- the white sturgeon and its close relative, the paddlefish -to see if their long snouts can shed some light on the workings of the sawfish's saw. Can Brady piece these clues together to complete his investigation, and can he find an adult in the wild?