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To Catch a Hippo

To Catch a Hippo

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Strong, fast and semi-aquatic, the hippo is one of Africa's biggest wildlife management challenges. The use of tranquilizer darts is nearly impossible, as a threatened hippo will dart straight for the nearest body of water and dig in. If the animal has been tranquilized, it can drown before the drug wears off, hampering the efforts of wildlife specialists. But Brady has a new idea—he wants to see if a net will hamper the hippo enough to keep it out of water and make the capture safer. First, he pays a visit to Florida to test his idea out on wily Florida swamp gators—and it's a complete success. He then packs up his nets and heads for Malawi, where he'll learn the ins and outs of the net gun already in use on smaller game. After an unexpectedly intense pursuit of a slippery warthog, the team is prepared to tackle the big game—the hippopotamus. With ground and air units in place, the search begins to find and safely capture a hippopotamus and see if Brady and his team can rewrite the rules of hippo capture!