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Gator Attack

Janie knows that working on Sanibels wetland areas as a landscaper means working alongside alligators.  One property she was working on is adjacent to a very small pond.  The pond is visited by several alligators but one male has earned a fearsome reputation amongst the local Sanibel community.

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July 2004 Sanibel Island, Florida: Janie, a landscape gardener, is tending to a flowerbed next to a pond when an alligator charges from the water. Grabbing her, waist first, the animal pulls her into the dark pond. It takes three men to free her from the gator's grip. Across the state, July 2012; Kaleb is with a group of friends on the Caloosahatchee River when he is attacked by a gator. Both Janie and Keleb lose their arm, and both end up in Lee Memorial Hospital. Only one survives.