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Dog Whisperer: Gus, Abbey, and Vinnie Producers SHEILA POSSNER EMERY KAY BACHMAN SUMNER Series Producer SUEANN FINCKE Directed By JIM MILIO Written By JIM MILIO & MELISSA JO PELTIER Editors STEVEN CENTRACCHIO VICKI HAMMEL MARK BAUM EDICK HOSSEPIAN Coordinating Producer CHRISTINA LUBLIN Co-Executive Producer ILUSION MILLAN Segment Director SUEANN FINCKE Associate Director BONNIE PETERSON Directors of Photography BRYAN DUGGAN CHRISTOPHER KOMIVES Sound MILES GHORMLEY Associate Producer NICHOLAS BUNKER Location Manager ROJO Post Production Supervisor TODD CARNEY Post Production Coordinator AARON KRAFT Assistant Editors ANOUK ERNI TREYVA ESTLER Video Post Production KOBER POST PRODUCTION Post Production Sound WILD WOODS, INC. Script Assistant NICHOLAS ELLINGSWORTH Production Assistants GABRIELLE BRICK TODD HENDERSON Vice President, Finance CATHERINE STRIBLING Production Accountant AMY HIGGINS Assistants to Executive Producers VICTORIA PARR LISA MITTIN Original Music By ANDREW KERESZTES ANOUK ERNI Additional Music KILLER TRACKS A UNIT OF BMG ENTERTAINMENT Additional Music STRING FEVER MUSIC / GREGG C. MINER Special Thanks to HADLER PUBLIC RELATIONS Promotional consideration provided by Chrysler Corporation. Executive in Charge of Production BONNIE PETERSON Executive Producers JIM MILIO MELISSA JO PELTIER MARK HUFNAIL For National Geographic Channel Senior Executive Producer CHAR SERWA Senior Vice President, Special Programming MICHAEL CASCIO Production Manager KAREN GREENFIELD Unit Manager KARIN HAMMERBERG S&P Research SUSAN KOLODIEJCZYK Production Assistant SHEILA NAIR Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD Produced by MPH Entertainment in association with Emery/Sumner Productions for National Geographic Channel (c)MMVII -- MPH-Emery/Sumner Joint Venture All rights reserved.