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Killer in the Window

Dong-Dong is a black and white Border collie mix, who was rescued from a shelter in Taiwan where he had been living in a 4 x 5 kennel for 6 years. Since Taiwan has nearly 2 million strays, and black dogs are considered bad luck, the Taiwan Universal Animal Protection Association paid for Dong-Dong to travel to the United States in hopes that he might have a better life. Since living in the United States, Don- Dong has been fearful in his rescue family’s loving home. He will keep to himself in the same living room chair and rarely get up for anything.

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Border collie mix Dong-Dong was rescued from a Taiwan shelter and brought to the U.S. to find a forever home with the Scarborough family. But the only place Dong-Dong can find solace is in a living room chair. Can Cesar help this couch potato?