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Dog Whisperer: Why Dogs Fight

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Dog Whisperer: Dog Whisperer: Why Dogs Fight



Michele Lackey
Michele Lackey

What to do...I have two JRT females about the same age distance apart as these two girls.  I live with the same fears of the fighting and do separate my girls if I am not home. Because I have seen Caesar explain before about excitable dog signals I watch for those and try to keep that from getting out of hand.  My girls' fighting has generally happened while cornering rabbits or such in the field or over excitement after being at boarding while I'm gone on trip.It haas helped to put the larger,dominate(at this time) female in kennel at night for sleeping but for most of day they can be together in the house, feeding etc just not in field situation or after long separation from me--too  much excitement. I do,  though, live in fear of the fight when I wont get there soon enough. I have had long=time reputable JRT breeders tell me that same sex competition ends frequently  in these possible deadly fights.  I am trying to remain calm and we will work on this daily. With tears in my eyes, I watched all of this video but I do feel better about how I am dealing with the girls now. Thank you Caesar for showing me I am at least on right path with them.