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Ruby and Rana

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Ruby isn't a gem when being scared makes her bite.


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Dog Whisperer: Ruby and Rana


Ruby isn't a gem when being scared makes her bite.


Shelley Sloane
Shelley Sloane

What Mr. Milan calls a calm dog I call a terrified, over threshold dog, in a choke chain set to the most vulnerable part of her neck so that she cannot show anything but the most minute of reactions. Her body is hunched, her ears are back, her pupils are very dilated, the whites of her eyes are very visible, her whiskers are very forward, etc. Everything about this dog's body language says that she is terrified. Mr. Milan is not paying any attention to any of these signals and is in fact saying that she is calm. This dog is very far from calm and I feel so sorry for both the dog and the owners. The owners have no clue how to read dog body language but as someone selling himself as a behaviorist, Mr. Milan should have been recognizing all of these signs rather than saying his calm is calming the dog. When Mr. Milan then puts the dog on the bed with the high value treat he does exactly what the dog feared he would do by taking away that high value treat. In my opinion, Mr. Milan could do the pet owners everywhere a world of good by learning and teaching counter conditioning rather than the force methods he uses now that do not take into consideration the dog's emotional status.