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Yukon Vet vs. Routine Vet

Dr. Oakley Isn't Your Typical Cat-and-Dog Vet


Whether they're used to treating cats and dogs or lynx and wolves, routine vets and Dr. Oakley—Yukon vet—share the common philosophy that all animals deserve the very best medical care available. That said, there are some humongous differences that set Dr. Oakley apart from your average neighborhood veterinarian.

Jana Baur
Jana Baur

I just watched the show where Eva Glanzmann's sled dog was injured by the porcupine quills, I know you were trying to remove them as fast as possible, but after the second time this happened to my dog, the vet here told me how to remove them without having to pull them out causing more injuries to dogs as well.
If you snip the end of the quill, the air will escape that is inside if and they will easily slide out, once you grab them with forceps it blows it up basically inside the dog and the barbs hold onto the tissue and then would have to be yanked out.
If you cut them, she should be able to just be taken out by fingers and not forced by instruments as I seen on the show.
I am glad the dog survived, but thought this information may help not only you, but being most of your patients are "off the grid" this would be something helpful for them to know as well.

Thank you,