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Africa: The Megaflyover

Africa: The Megaflyover
70,000 miles. 700 flying hours. 9,000 gallons of fuel. 20 different countries. Over 100,000 photographs. Welcome to AFRICA: The Megaflyover. National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Mike Fay takes viewers on a trans-continental journey on as he flies from the southern-most tip of Africa to the northern shores of Morocco. National Geographic Channel's cameras are with him every mile during the seven-month mission. Dr. Fay and his team risk their lives and sanity, nearly die from malaria, overcome sandstorms, bush fires and constantly struggle to keep their plane flying. Mike is driven by a personal mission to save what remains of Africa's wilderness from the worst excesses of the human species. Africa: The Megaflyover is in the great tradition of African explorers who took incredible risks and endured grueling hardships in the hope of advancing human knowledge.