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Python Hunters: Bayou Roadtrip

Python Hunters: Bayou Roadtrip
This time on Python Hunters... With cold temperatures in Florida putting a freeze on python hunting, the guys head to Louisiana to conduct vital research on invasive reptile species. Hurricane Katrina dumped over a quarter million pets into the wild, including exotic snakes and reptiles, and the team wants to find out what's happened to them since. They visit an island slithering with venomous cottonmouth snakes, and later discover a large albino Burm coiled up beside a woman's hot tub. Joining a group of scientists, the guys patrol a highway at night looking for anything that slithers. Shawn and Greg visit the state's oldest alligator farm. And Shawn wades through a drainpipe to nab a gator taking refuge under a woman's driveway.