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Cameramen Who Dare: Bear Battleground

Cameramen Who Dare: Bear Battleground
What does it really take to capture those ‘take-your-breath-away' shots? How do the world's cameramen and women conquer treacherous terrains to document deadly animals and still emerge unscathed? Join us to follow wildlife filmmakers from around the globe as they reveal how some of the most groundbreaking Natural History footage is shot. Watch a cameraman escape danger as brown bears battle along Alaska's annual salmon run. Find out what does it take to film close-ups of a killer swarm of super-hornets waging war on a bee colony. And journey into crocodile infested waters to uncover astonishing underwater hippo behavior and follow the extraordinary story of one camerawoman, as she pushes her mind and body to the limit in an attempt to save her crew from impending disaster.