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Wild Justice: Boozin' & Snoozin'

Warden Jerry Karnow gets a call from a concerned homeowner about deer being shot at night in his neighborhood. Karnow tracks down a group of hunters outside a nearby home, and catches them red-handed with the illegally killed deer. Deep in a Plumas County forest, Warden Kyle Kroll discovers an illegal bear bait pile. Kroll finds the suspect, confronts him, and cites him. Warden Todd Tognazzini and a team of wardens enter the house of a convicted poacher. They confiscate his computer and find fresh antlers. Tognazzini takes the evidence to a forensics lab where an expert validates that the deer kills were all made in the last year, so Tognazzini goes back to confront the man. Warden Michelle Budish monitors a hot spot along the California coast for lobster poaching--and while on patrol, saves a drunk fisherman from drowning at the docks. Wardens Matt Gil and Art Golden investigate a rural area where poaching has been rampant. What the wardens find is a wanted man with sex toys. Warden Kyle Kroll sees his hard work pay off when a fawn he seized from a criminal is released back into the wild.