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Blue-Collar Dogs: Border Hounds

Blue-Collar Dogs: Border Hounds
U.S. Customs and Border Protection K-9s are an integral part of securing our nation's borders. Using their extraordinary noses, these dogs detect smuggled narcotics, concealed humans, and can even locate victims stranded in the desert. At the Canine Center in El Paso, a class of green dogs are training to become America's newest crop of K-9 teams. Over the course of seven weeks, they'll run a gauntlet of drills designed to mold them into some of the most elite working dogs on the planet. Border Hounds offers an inside look at how these incredible animals are trained and deployed along one of the most dangerous stretches of border in the United States. From roving desert patrols to urban ports of entries to training to jump out of helicopters, these K-9s truly are the top dog.