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Blue-Collar Dogs: Canine MD

Blue-Collar Dogs: Canine MD
A working dog's daily grind can take him to a wide variety of environments, from airport security to disaster relief, even to the frontlines of war. But more and more, scientists are shattering traditional notions of what dogs can do. Canine MD goes behind the scenes to discover how dogs are being put to work in incredible ways. Doctors, scientists and therapists are harnessing canine capabilities to change people's lives by training them to function as eyes for the blind, ears for the deaf, and legs for the disabled. With olfactory senses roughly 200,000 times more powerful than a human's, dogs are now being trained to detect diabetic blood sugar changes, epileptic seizures, and even cancers. Canine MD explores the science behind dogs' extraordinary capabilities and even reveals efforts to replicate them with an enormous "robot dog nose." From California, London, New York City and Maine, Canine MD probes the mysteries of canine capabilities and how they can be used to help--and save--human lives.