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Hooked: Carp Invasion

Biologists use an electro-fishing boat to stun fish with 5000 watts. It allows them to study the fish and release them unharmed. The Asian Carp have a defensive mechanism of jumping in the air and can jump up to ten feet in the air. People using the rivers have to be careful to not be hit with the jumping fish, which can reach as long as five feet and weight as much as one hundred pounds.
Asian carp are infiltrating major American waterways; with insatiable appetites they have the power to destroy an entire ecosystem by depleting a native food chain from the bottom up. NGC takes to the waters to understand these alien predators. How did they get here? Where are they going? And what are scientists and anglers doing to fight back? We'll also look at some of the controversial methods being used to combat the fish, including underwater electric fences and “bow-fishing,” where arc