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Clash of the Caimans Information


Clash of the Caimans Credits

Clash of the Caimans Producer/Director CAROLINE BRETT Writer ELEANOR GRANT Editor ALAN MILLER CHRISTINE JAMESON HENRY Cinematography BARBARA TYACK SIMON NORMANTON Associate Producer ANTONIETA GORDON Additional Writing CAROLINE BRETT Additional Editing KRIS KRAL Additional Cinematography MARTIN SMITH Sound Recordist SIMON NORMANTON Original Music LENNY WILLIAMS Graphics/Maps DUNCANNON DESIGN Production Manager NEETU CHOPRA Production Coordinator WESLEY DELLA VOLLA Researchers MEAGHAN MULHOLLAND JILL LEGER Director of Research TODD HERMANN Specialist, Production Rights and Clearances MATHIEW LE Manager, Production Rights and Clearances MARLENE WALKER-GOLDEN Post Production Supervisor SUSAN LACH Post Production Associate Producers KATIE BAUER FLORA SOUSA Post Production Coordinator QUINCY HINDS Assistant Editors ANTHONY LINTON ADAM PARR CARL REEVERTS Specialist, Facilities & Scheduling MARCIE CALLAHAN Manager, Facilities & Scheduling JULIA WHITCOMB Manager, Art and Animation JESSE GORDON Chief Engineer DWIGHT MAYHEW For National Geographic Television Director, Art and Animation KEITH KOLDER Director, Development ALISON GARRITY Director, Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director, Production Systems BEVERLEY MARECHEAU MITCHELL Director, Operations TRACI C. DRUMMOND Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Senior Producers KATHRYN PASTERNAK ANNE TARRANT Executive Producer KEENAN SMART Senior Vice President, Specials STEPHEN REVERAND Senior Vice President, Standards and Practices SCOTT WYERMAN Senior Vice President, Development MARYANNE CULPEPPER President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD Special Thanks SONIA CANTO INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE PESQUISAS DA AMAZONIA ASSOCIACAO AMIGOS DO PEIXE-BOI INSTITUTO BRASILEIRO DO MEIO AMBIENTE AGENCIA DE FLORESTAS E NEGOCIOS SUSTENTAVEIS DO AMAZONAS MAMIRAUA INSTITUTE NORWICH CASTLE MUSEUM CHARLIE POLINGER Stock Footage ITN SOURCE For National Geographic Channel Executive Producer MICHAEL WELSH Senior Vice President, Special Programming MICHAEL CASCIO Production Manager COMICO HADDEN Unit Manager TIFFANY JACKSON Production Assistant NICHOLAS BLEWETT Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD IN MEMORY OF NICK GORDON A Shake The Tree Production for National Geographic Television 2007 NGHT, INC. All Rights Reserved