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Hunt for the Giant Octopus Information


Hunt for the Giant Octopus Credits

Cow Urine Cure

Piers Gibbon

Producer / Director
Hannah Griffiths

Assistant Director
Catherine Hoskin

Casting Producer
George Hughes

Keren Aarons

Series Producer
Carolyn Payne

Executive Producers
Ed Crick
Mike Griffiths

Camera Operator
Virendra Khanna

Sound Recordist
Darshan Singh

Camera Assistant
Rajan Singh

Production Executive
Georgina Surtees

Production Coordinator
Owen Gower

Naomi Banat

Location Assistants
Toby Sinclair
Lakshmi Singh Tikari

Post Production
Rapid Pictures

Stock Footage
Iprano /

For National Geographic Channels

Executive Producer
Michael Welsh

Senior Vice President, Production
Michael Casio

Production Manager
Amy Campbell Verock

Unit Manager
Heather Danskin

Production Coordinator
Marion Ashley Said

S&P Research
Mark Levenstein

Executive in Charge of Production
Steve Burns

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