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Planet Carnivore: King Bear Information


King Bear Credits

Planet Carnivore: King Bear Producer/Writer JEFF MORALES Editor SHAUN GILDEA Narrator ALEC BALDWIN Producer/Writer JEFF MORALES Editor SHAUN GILDEA Directors of Photography NEIL RETTIG MARK EMERY Associate Producer JOHN BENAM Original Music MAC SQUIER Additional Cinematography JEFF MORALES JOHN BENAM ROBERT WOOTEN Visual Effects NON-EXISTENT PRODUCTIONS Stock Footage BBCWA NHNZ CORBIS MOTION GETTY IMAGE FILMS WET WADERS PETER & EVA THIEMANN TODD HARDESTY Special Thanks RANDY MILLERS PREDATORS IN ACTION MARY EMERY ROY WOOD U.S. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE TOM SMITH CANADIAN COAST GUARD KATMAI AIR Production Manager NEETU CHOPRA Production Coordinator WESLEY DELLA VOLLA Researcher WANDA JONES Director of Research TODD HERMANN Post Production Manager LEANNE DANIELSON Facilities & Operations Manager JULIA WHITCOMB Assistant Editor AMY McCARTER Post Production Coordinators ANDREW CHU ERIN REUSS ADAM SIGGERS For National Geographic Television Director of Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director of Post-Production Operations CHICO ARNALDO-GUIZAR Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Series Producer SUE HOUGHTON Senior Editor DANIEL H. SHEIRE Head of the Natural History Unit KEENAN SMART Coordinating Producer BECKY BEAMER Senior Vice President of Standards and Practices SCOTT WYERMAN Senior Vice President of Development MARYANNE CULPEPPER Senior Vice President of Specials STEPHEN REVERAND President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD For National Geographic Channel Executive Producer CHRIS VALENTINI JOHN BOWMAN Executive Producers for NGCI MADELEINE CARTER MARTHA CONBOY Senior Vice President, Production JULIET BLAKE Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD Executive Vice President of Content for NGCI SYDNEY SUISSA A National Geographic Television Production 2006 NGHT, Inc. All Rights Reserved