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Wild Congo: King Kong's Lair

Leatherback hatchlings use the moon and starlight reflection on the ocean to find their way to the sea, this one has hatched during early morning in Pongara National Park and struggles to find the right direction
The Congo: more powerful and dangerous than any other river yet a sanctuary and home for some of the most wonderful creatures on our Earth. Our closest relatives can be found hidden deep inside the dense jungles that surround the Congo and its feeding rivers, with three of the world's four species of great apes living in the Congo Basin. Although they all live so close together, these apes exhibit extreme differences in behaviour. These differences are above all clear in the case of the Bonobos, which developed their own very unique solution to conflicts after being cut off from fellow members of their species by the water masses of the Congo: sex! The tides of the Congo are home to a variety of creatures, for example fish with long noses or gigantic trunks, all of which have adapted to the extreme living conditions in their own unique way. As a result, the Congo has become a test laboratory of evolution and an El Dorado of biodiversity.