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Wild Justice: Meth Madness

After 7 years of being Warden Kyle Kroll's K9 partner, it's Buck's last day on the job before he starts retirement. In his final day, Buck alerts to drugs in a man's car and ends his career with an arrest! Kroll investigates a tip that two roommates have killed a trophy buck out of season and smuggled the deer in from out of state. Despite the efforts of the two roommates to cover their illegal tracks, Kroll unearths the truth and makes an arrest. Warden Matt Gil cites a hunter for poaching an elk on a minefield at a military base. Warden Rusty Boccaleoni pulls over a pair of drunks who almost ran him off the road with their truck, and Warden Nemlowill saves a hunter's dog from succumbing to a rattlesnake bite.