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DogTown: New Hope

DogTown: New Hope
Rush, a Shepard mix rescued from the Lebanon-Israel , is withdrawn and frightened of loud noises . Once at DogTown, it's up to Trainer John Garcia to rehabilitate Rush, in an attempt to transform him from a shell-shocked street-dog to a trusting loving pet. DogTown's Adoption Specialist Kristi Litrell meets Jasmine, a beagle . Right away Kristi can see Jasmine is a special case: she snorts , stumbles when she walks, and is incontinent . Kristi sets out to find her the perfect home. Scruffy, a Terrier mix , lived through Hurricane Katrina and is now petrified of anything new . Michelle Besmehn must find a way to make this anxious dog comfortable, or his chances of adoption will be slim. The mission of DogTown is driven by the philosophy that kindness to animals builds a better world for all.