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America's Wild Spaces: Yellowstone Information


Yellowstone Credits

Secret Yellowstone Producer/Writer BRIAN ARMSTRONG Editor JOHN FREEBURN Narrator ROBERT WILSON SEYMONE Videographer RICH SCHOLTZ Associate Producers JENNY EWIG ANASTASIA CRONIN Jib Operator JOHN REED Jib Assistant KEVIN WOODWARD Aerials DAVE ARNOLD DAVE GIBBS Additional Videographer WILLIAM CAMPBELL Original Music LENNY WILLIAMS CHRIS BIONDO Series Graphics NICK JERNIGAN Production Manager MARIE WILJANEN Production Coordinator BRADLEY WILSON Series Researcher WANDA JONES Manager, Production Rights and Clearances MARLENE WALKER-GOLDEN Post Production Manager BRETT REINKE Facilities & Operations Manager JULIA WHITCOMB Assistant Editor ANTHONY LINTON Post Production Coordinator MARISSA WATSON Manager, Art & Animation JESSE GORDON Director, Art & Animation KEITH KOLDER Director of Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director of Research TODD HERMANN Director of Production Operations and Management JOYCE ROMANO Director of Post Production Operations CHICO ARNALDO-GUIZAR Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Series Producer BRIAN ARMSTRONG Executive Producer JOHN MERNIT Sr. Vice President, Series KATHY DAVIDOV President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD Special Thanks RHETT ANDERSON ROB REED YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Stock Footage BOB LANDIS NIFC/ FINLEY-HOLIDAY FILM CORP JOHN JONES/VIDEO VISIONS MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES NATIONAL PARK SERVICE PAUL RUBENSTEIN ROBERT STURM USGS WILDERNESS VIDEO WYOMING DIVISION OF TOURISM For National Geographic Channel Executive Producer JOHN BOWMAN Senior Vice President, Production JULIET BLAKE Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD Produced by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL MMVII NGHT, Inc. All Rights Reserved.