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Wild Justice: Undercover Cat

Warden Josh Zulliger goes on a mission with the Coast Guard off the coast of Humboldt, California. Zulliger finds a crab fisherman who doesn't have current registration for his boat, and issues the man a citation. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard helicopter spots a large oil spill further down the coast near another fishing boat. Zulliger and the Coast Guard board the boat and the captain finally admits to the crime. Warden Art Golden has discovered someone illegally offering an African genet for sale. After conducting an undercover sting, Golden rescues the animal. Warden Steve Ulrich stops a man illegally taking firewood in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When Ulrich checks the man's identity, he learns there is a felony warrant out for the man's arrest on drug charges. Warden Brian Boyd finds evidence of deer poaching and after receiving a tip, tracks one of the poachers down and confronts him.