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Vulture Apocalypse

Vulture Apocalypse
The war between leopards and the people of Mumbai has been steadily escalating. The leopards are being lured into the city chasing an exploding population of feral dogs. The dog population is rocketing because they've gained unfettered access to the city's garbage heaps. But it wasn't always like this. Just a decade ago the dogs couldn't get on to the dumps. They were occupied by a rival scavenger – the vulture. But back then there were tens of millions of vultures in India. Today the vultures are nowhere to be seen. 99% of India's vultures have vanished. "In a single decade they've undergone the most rapid population collapse of any animal in recorded history,” says Richard Cuthbert, biologist with the U.K.'s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. What has threatened the natural world in India?