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Prehistoric Predators: Wolf Information


Wolf Credits

Prehistoric Predators: Wolf Executive Producers PHIL FAIRCLOUGH ERIK NELSON DAVE HARDING Produced and Directed by ROBERT M. WISE Coordinating Producer TREE LEYBURN Co-Producers MARY BENJAMIN ANDREA ANDERSON Edited by NICHOLAS SIAPKARIS JEFF PELTIER Narrated by CHIP BOLCIK Music by MARK LEGGETT Camera JASON BLOUNT KRIS DENTON WES DORMAN DAVE LINDSTROM RANDY LOVE PETER PILAFIAN Sound JEAN PIERRE CANER DON ELLIOT MILES GORMLEY HEATHER GAVRY STEVE PRIDMORE KEN PRIES SAUL ROUDA Additional Production Crew KENNY BROWN CRAIG EVANS GREG KUMAGAWA RON LEHMAN ANSELMO NUNEZ NICK PAPADAKIS MICKY PETERSON KONRAD SIGURDSSOM Productions Assistants TIM BEARDEN SKYE CHANDLER MIKE CORKLE JONATHAN DAVIS JUSTIN DE NINO AMBROSE GUERRERO AXEL LLORENS CHRIS NORRIS GREG STONE MATT WISE Wardrobe KATHRYN SHEMANEK Make-up LORRAINE MARTIN Actors MARCOS AKIATEN DANNY MELENDEZ JUAN ROVELIO JOHN SOTO AARON TEN BEARS Stunts BRIAN HILL OTIS KNIGHTEN LAUREN WILLIAMS LOUIS WILLIAMS Visual Effects & Graphics Supervisor DOUGLAS MARTIN Visual Effects by HIVE STUDIOS INTERNATIONAL VFX Director MATT DRUMMOND Motion Graphics and Storyboards PATRICK MARTIN TODD GALLAHAN ESTHER LUCINI Production Manager JESSICA DE JONG Production Coordinators LOLA DAMONTE JANE PFEISTER Supervising Producer, Post Production RANDALL BOYD Post Production Coordinator COLIN HATTON Assistant Editors ADARSH KAUSHAL BARTHOLOMEW BURCHAM SEAN PETERKIN DAVID W. RYAN BRYANT SMITH Editorial Assistants MIKE WEINBERG BRANDON BEARD Clearance Supervisor LINDA CALLAHAN Motion Control Photography NEW WAVE ENTERTAINMENT Script Coordinator KARI HUNTER Assistant to the Producers MISSY GORE REBEKAH MEYER Production Associates RANDY ALMARIO JO JO DANCE NICK HORTON Business Affairs CYNTHIA SHAPIRO Production Accountants JAY IMAMOTO CHUCK FRANKE PATTI KIRKPATRICK HONG LA On-Line Editor ALPHA DOGS HERRIANNE CAYABYAB Post-Production Audio ABSOLUTE POST MIKE DRAGHI Narration Record MEDIA CONCEPTS For National Geographic Television Production Manager NEETU CHOPRA Production Coordinator WESLEY DELLA VOLLA Research TERESA TATE Director of Research TODD HERMANN Specialist, Production Rights and Clearances MATHIEW LE Manager, Production Rights and Clearances MARLENE WALKER-GOLDEN Post Production Supervisor SUSAN LACH Specialist, Facilities & Scheduling MARCIE CALLAHAN Manager, Facilities & Scheduling JULIA WHITCOMB Manager, Art and Animation JESSE GORDON Chief Engineer DWIGHT MAYHEW Director, Art and Animation KEITH KOLDER Director, Development ALISON GARRITY Director, Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director of Production Systems BEVERLEY MARECHEAU MITCHELL Director, Operations TRACI C. DRUMMOND Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Senior Producer, Natural History Unit ANNE TARRANT Head of the Natural History Unit KEENAN SMART Senior Vice President of Standards and Practices SCOTT WYERMAN Senior Vice President of Development MARYANNE CULPEPPER Senior Vice President of Specials STEPHEN REVERAND President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD Special Thanks To: LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY FOUNDATION GEORGE C. PAGE MUSEUM LA BREA TAR PITS DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE AND SCIENCE LAURA HOLTMAN DAVID MECH MISSION WOLF Footage/Images Provided By: ARTBEATS CORBIS MOTION DV CUTS DAN MAC NULTY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DIGITAL MOTION For National Geographic Channel Production Manager COMICO HADDEN Unit Manager TIFFANY JACKSON Production Assistant AYAANA ANTOINE Executive Producer KATHLEEN CROMLEY Senior Vice President, Production JULIET BLAKE Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD Produced by Creative Differences in association with National Geographic Television for National Geographic Channel (c)2007 NGHT, Inc. All Rights Reserved