January 23, 2014

Meet Goldie

Goldie, star of Nat Geo Wild’s Fish Bowl, is a fish out of water, casted and reeled-in to be the main attraction. As her first big gig, she is absolutely thrilled and anxious. She’s been waiting her whole life for a big opportunity like this and her dream is to be the next big thing!

WHO: A star waiting to shine. New to the entertainment biz. Goldie is a bit of a diva, but excited and anxious to make a splash! 

WHAT: She thought she was going to be on during the Big Game…and didn't realize that she was going to be on during the Big Game… 

WHEN: During Football's Biggest Game

WHERE: In a Fish Bowl

WHY: We wanted to blow the competition out of the water…

WHO ARE YOU ROOTING FOR, GOLDIE?: I think I’m rooting for Denver…since I've never had a problem with a Bronco, plus there’s something about the color orange that I like.  

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