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Desperate Housetanks Facts

Desperate Housetanks

Desperate Housetanks (View larger version)

  • Evolutionarily speaking, living organisms made a similar jump from water to land between 440 and 410 million years ago.

  • There is a fear that Panamanian Golden Frogs might be extinct in their natural habitat, as one has not been seen in the wild since 2009.

  • The Panamanian Golden Frog is one of many frog species that find their existence seriously threatened by the fatal Cytrid fungus.

  • The Florida Everglades were once 4 times larger than they are today due to encroachment from agricultural and residential development.

  • The same man who invented the telephone invented the airboat: Alexander Graham Bell.

  • In many cultures the snake’s forked tongue symbolizes a range of negative characteristics including malevolence and deceit.

  • The smallest species of seahorse, called Satomi’s pygmy seahorse, is only a half of an inch long and was discovered in 2008.

  • Hiccups are most likely caused by 5 factors: eating too much, drinking soda, drinking alcohol, sudden temperature changes, excitement or emotional distress.

  • The Mayo Clinic lists nine common symptoms of a heart attack, one of which is an impending sense of doom.