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The Fish Whisperer Facts

The hard work paid off for the final reveal of the staircase tank.

The hard work paid off for the final reveal of the staircase tank. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

  • Within the state of California’s borders, there are extensive stretches of desert—25,000 square miles in total!

  • California deserts are home to a host of deadly creatures, including rattlesnakes, scorpions and black widow spiders.

  • The yin yang is a far eastern visual symbol that represents all the phenomena of life. Among other representations, the yin represents femininity and the yang represents masculinity.

  • In general, "dowsing" is an unexplained method in which a forked twig or wire is used to find desired objects. Common implementations of this method are to locate water sources or lost jewelry.

  • Despite its calming blue and yellow appearance, Blue Hippo Tangs actually have a razor-sharp spine and venomous fin spines.

  • Squirrelfish can actually communicate with each other by producing sound from their swimbladder.

  • One kind of catfish known as the Electric Catfish, has an electrogenic ability. It is capable of discharging 350 volts of electricity.

  • The biggest Channel catfish ever caught measured at four feet long and fifty-eight pounds.

  • Computer aided design software programs help engineers design a wide range of physical structures ranging from buildings to mobile phones.