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About Richard Terry

Richard Terry looks at the thorns of a Munbaca Palm.

Richard Terry looks at the thorns of a Munbaca Palm. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels / Rob Bondy


Richard Terry has been passionate about making film and television ever since, as a little boy, he glimpsed a movie being made near his home. From that point the die was cast and at the first opportunity he began an apprenticeship as a lighting cameraman, gaining union status after a stint in a 35mm camera facilities house. At that point the BBC film unit was in its heyday and it became a burning ambition of Richards to make it in that institution. And so began a fruitful relationship which took Richard around the world and into many unique situations, from the middle of the Race Riots with Reverend Al Sharpton to the heart of a jazz festival in Havana, Cuba.

Upon leaving the BBC Richard embarked on a stint as a freelance cameraman working on a number of high profile British television drama series’ and independent films all of which pushed his skills as a lighting cameraman to new heights. This track seemed to lead to a pivotal moment in his career, shooting a behind-the-scenes documentary about a man who had been a personal inspiration, the film director Bernardo Bertolucci, on the set of his Paris movie, the Dreamers.

More recently Richard’s career has been focused on documentaries, enjoying the camaraderie of small crews and exotic locale’s. The size of the crew was to shrink unimaginably for Richard’s next project as he answered the call to shoot a documentary series about a man who lived with Black & Grizzly Bears. He had no idea that it would throw him into such extreme and dangerous situations. And in front of the camera.

The latest chapter in Richard’s career has seen him film, produce and host a couple of series gifting viewer’s privileged access into the lives of wild bears and the people who study them. In making these films Richard has had to endure living in harsh terrains and amongst dangerous animals, all invaluable experience as he embarks on his latest adventure, searching for the real creatures behind terrifying accounts from across the globe.

When he’s not battling monsters Richard lives in a remote house and beautiful woodland on Dartmoor National Park in the south west of England with his wife, 2 young sons, dogs, cat and African guinea fowl. 

Jayson Sea
Jayson Sea

hey can u tell me when do u born im working on a poster about u

Lisa Damoff
Lisa Damoff

I lived on Andros Island, Bahamas for two years as a young girl and heard stories of the Chickcharney. Don't know if you have ever heard of this. It is a half man half bird that will kill you in the mangroves. It lives in a nest where the two trees touch each other at the top. I have to say there is not much more known about this creature. I thought you might be interested though. Thanks, Lisa.

gumush komurcu
gumush komurcu

hello mr Richard, i couldnt believed my eyes to day, i m so glad to see you in my cafe...... gumush