May 23, 2013

Green Goliath Facts

  • 11 run-of-the-river dams and over 400 dams in total, the Columbia River Basin generates more than 21 million kilowatts of hydroelectricity.

  • Instead of typical scales, white sturgeon have “scutes” which are larger modified scales for protection.

  • Located in southwest Oregon, the Rogue River covers 215 miles, beginning at Crater Lake and ending at the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon.

  • The gold rush hit the Rogue River Valley in the 1850’s, and prospectors immediately descended on the area, disrupting the Native American population and leading to, sometimes violent, confrontations.

  • The Rogue River offers a wide range of outdoor activities including difficult whitewater rafting, renowned salmon and steelhead fishing, and diverse wildlife observation opportunities.

  • Construction of Bonneville Dam began in 1933 under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Public Works program and was completed in 1938.

  • 500,000 households receive their electric power from the Bonneville Dam.

  • White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America and can weigh over 1,500 pounds, be 20 feet in length, and live for over 100 years.

  • White sturgeon have maintained the same form and structure for more than 175 million years.

  • Like the green sturgeon the white sturgeon is a primitive, bottom dwelling fish.

  • Spawning typically only happens every 4-11 years.

  • The green sturgeon occupy Pacific coastal waters.

  • Green sturgeon are sometimes caught as by-catch in Pacific fisheries. Some serious threats to the species, however, are dams, dykes, water diversion, and pollution in the U.S. rivers where the fish spawn.

  • Green Sturgeon are protected by the Endangered Species Act.

  • Green Sturgeon spawning is known to take place in just three rivers in North America; these include the Rogue, Klamath, and the Sacramento rivers.

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