Outback Wrangler: Wild Horse Bust Facts

On the Topic of Brumbies and Razorbacks

  • The first eleven ships that sailed from Great Britain to establish the first British colony in Australia—known as the "First Fleet"—brought horses with them in 1788. Many either escaped or were abandoned.

  • Free-roaming, feral horses in Australia are known as Brumbies. They are most often found in small social groups with other horses.

  • Brumbies need to drink almost 12 gallons of water a day.

  • The Brumby population in the Australian Alps National Parks has increased by 21 percent every year since 2003.

  • In 2002, images of horses being gunned down in Guy Fawkes River National Park resulted in the banning of aerial shooting in New South Wales, Australia.

  • Feral pigs can produce ten piglets a litter and can have up to two litters every 12 - 15 months.

  • Some other ways to refer to feral pigs: wild pigs, wild hogs, wild boars, European wild boars, Russian wild boars, and razorbacks

  • Feral pigs generally live for 15 - 25 years.

  • A boar has four tusks that never stop growing, and uses them to defend itself from attack.

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