August 17, 2012

How to Throw Your Own Penguin Palooza

Want to party like a penguin but don’t know how? Never fear, we've put together a few simple tips for throwing your very own Penguin Palooza-inspired party:

1. Attire

You have to look the part! Throw on a white t-shirt, black pants and a black sweater that’s open in the front and you’ll be rocking the penguin look.

2. Decorations

Setting is everything, and the easiest way to decorate is with snowflakes. Grab a stack of white paper and a pair of scissors. Then fold the paper in half, then in half again and cut little shapes into the sides of the paper. The result will be a snowflake! Hang these on the wall and from the ceiling to create that chilly atmosphere.

3. Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t love a candy treat? There are two different penguin related candies you can put out for your party. The first one is Swedish Fish since penguins are fish eaters.

4. Refreshing Treat

The second candy choice are white oblong mints since these resemble eggs and penguins lay eggs.

5. Main Course

Dinner is also a little fishy. If you want to act like a penguin then you have to eat like a penguin. Serve fish sticks. It’s a quick and easy finger food, perfect for navigating around a party.

6. Nice Ice

Since there’s always room for dessert, make sure you keep it chilly. For this one, you need a Sno-Cone machine. Sno-Cones offer a different way to enjoy a frozen treat.

7. Cooling Off

If you don’t have a Sno-Cone machine, then get a mini ice cream scoop and dish out vanilla ice cream to look like snowballs!

8. Dessert

For an additional treat, you can make penguin cupcakes. All you need for this is vanilla cake mix, white icing, chocolate covered mint cookies, dried apricot pieces and chocolate chips. Follow the instructions for the cupcakes, on the box. Then, ice the cupcakes with the white icing. Next, cut the mint cookies in half and place them on top of the cookies, to resemble wings. After that, cut up the dried apricot pieces into small wedges to be the feet and beak. And finally place the chocolate chips for the eyes. And voila, you have a penguin cupcake.

9. Game On

Everyone loves a little competition. Play “Protect Your Egg,” for a fun game. Here’s how it goes. Each guest receives a small, white ball – “the egg” - that they must protect throughout the night. The objective is to try to steal other guest’s eggs. At the end of the night, whoever has the most eggs, wins.

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