September 29, 2011

Swamp Men: One Bad Gator Facts

  • Fully grown American alligators have a bite upwards of 2,000 pounds of force.

  • Alligators can climb. Adult alligators have been known to climb over fences to escape captivity or get to a source of water.

  • Florida has the worst nuisance alligator problem of any state, at about 4,000 reported nuisance alligators per year.

  • Alligator calls are used in the capture of alligators. The sound makes the alligator think another gator has moved into its territory, enticing it to come out and defend it.

  • Alligators are territorial animals and will defend prime territory if it is threatened.

  • Alligators can stay submerged without a breath of air for hours.

  • Caimans are members of the crocodile order. Like alligators and crocodiles, caimans are amphibious reptiles that live near bodies of water and hunt for food.

  • Caimans are nocturnal and prefer to hunt at night.

  • Throughout much of the world, the caiman is considered a protected species.

  • The largest of the caiman family, the black caiman, can reach a maximum length of about 15 feet.

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