September 29, 2011

Facts: Got Your Goat

Little-Known Facts About Dr. Pol

  • Dr. Pol and Charles both own and proudly wear wooden clogs.

  • Dr. Pol and Charles frequently play chess on a chess set that Dr. Pol made as a child.

  • Dr. Pol makes his own beef jerky.

  • Dr. Pol uses a wood-burning stove to heat his house.

  • Dr. Pol has a phobia of heights.

  • Part of the town of Weidman, Michigan, where Pol Veterinary Services is located, is on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Reservation.

  • Dr. Pol has many clients who are Amish.

  • Dr. Pol has clients that drive from Detroit, which is a 3-hour drive, to come to his clinic.

  • Charles was named after his mother’s father and his middle name “Albert” is the name of Dr. Pol’s older brother who died in a motorcycle accident.

  • Dr. Pol and his wife Diane celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, which is the Dutch version of Christmas.

  • When Dr. Pol delivers a calf he ALWAYS takes his shirt off. Why? “Because my skin is easier to clean than my clothes” according to Dr. Pol.

  • Dr. Pol drove so fast to his farm calls that several times the production crew could not keep up with him and got lost as a result.

  • Diane Pol is the captain of the Pol Veterinary Service bowling team.

  • Dr. Pol and Diane Pol own peacocks, several chickens, three horses, doves, two dogs, and four cats.

  • Dr. Pol often donates his time and veterinary services to local 4-H clubs throughout central Michigan.

  • Charles Pol loves to read and write poetry. His favorite poets are Emily Dickenson and Walt Whitman.

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