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Facts: Up Sheep's Creek

More Fun Facts About Dr. Pol

Photo: Dr. Pol chuckles

Photo: Dr. Pol chuckles (View larger version)

Photo by: Super! Alright!

  • Mrs. Pol is an only child.

  • Dr. Pol and Mrs. Pol used to host swimming classes at their pool.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Pol use an FCC licensed intercom to communicate from the clinic to his vehicles.

  • Dr. Pol imported his Friesian Horses from the Netherlands.

  • Two of Dr. Pol’s horses were trained by the Amish to pull carriages.

  • Dr. Pol purchased his Rolls Royce from a museum in Wales.

  • Due to water damage, Dr. Pol had to reconstruct the drywall in a large portion of his lake house twice.

  • Dr. Pol’s son Charles moved to Los Angeles in 2003.

  • Dr. Pol inherited several antique rifles from his father in-law.

  • Dr. Pol owns a grandfather clock that was made by one of his Amish clients.

  • When not working with his father in Michigan, Charles Pol works at the Nickelodeon Network in Hollywood, CA.

  • Dr. Pol refuses to eat any sort of tomato-based sauce.

  • Diane Pol is a sales consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

  • Diane Pol is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

  • Diane Pol graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Education.

  • Except for pizza, Dr. Pol does not like Italian or Mexican food.

Lacey Cates
Lacey Cates

Well I should have looked on here before I made him gallons of venison chili! No tomato based foods? He never said a word, was so humbled by my gift of food, that stinker! Thank goodness I only made one batch. The container was empty so I'll assume someone enjoyed it?  I'm going to have to get his goat next week when my Boxer boys go get their yearly check up and shots and tell him I brought him boxes of canned tomatos and juice! That will be a hoot to see his face! Shhhh if you know him don't tell him until after our appointment 4/25! Can you tell we love Doctor Pol, his family and staff? Great people and I'm very honored to say he's been a kind and gentle friend of ours for years. Now we share him with the world! World, be good to them as they are like family to us and have known him far longer than what you know from a TV show. He's the real deal! Down to earth and no uppity attitude and a straight shooter!