July 29, 2014

Here's Looking at Moo Facts

  • Conjunctivitis is commonly known as Pink Eye and can be caused by a variety of factors including viruses, bacteria, allergens, or even swimming pool chlorine.

  • Face flies on cattle are notorious for spreading pink eye throughout a herd. By feeding on eye secretions of cows, these flies move from cow to cow, able to pass on the infection easily to other members of the herd.

  • While both humans and cattle are susceptible to a form of pink eye and symptoms are similar, the two diseases are actually different.

  • Domestic cats spend over 50% of their lives asleep, but some large cats sleep even more than that. Lions and tigers can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

  • Cooked bull testicles are known under a variety of names, including and not limited to Rocky Mountain oysters, calf fries, or even huevos del toros. There are Rocky Mountain Oyster festivals all over the United States, including the Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry in Virginia City, Nevada, which has been taking place for over 20 years.

  • Horses place 60% of their weight on their strong front legs, but if injured, the complexity of the legs and the difficulty in keeping them off their feet to heal makes recovery a demanding and sometimes impossible task.

  • Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs are known as a small breed of swine, and people can mistakenly think this means the pigs could stay the size of a domesticated dog. Though these pigs are small compared to their domestic +800 lb. counterparts, they can still reach over 200 lb. in weight.

  • Purring is often associated with domestic cats, but many different animals purr, including guinea pigs, elephants and even gorillas.

  • Horses are comfortable standing most of the time because their legs are able to lock together in a way that allows the animal to be content while standing and even while sleeping upright.

  • Animal heroes come in all sizes. Scarlett, a Brooklyn cat living with her litter in an abandoned building, had to move quickly when fire threatened the lives of her kittens. The New York Daily News reported that she fought through the fire and suffered from severe burns but Scarlett still managed to carry out each of her five kittens out of the burning building. She and all but one of her kittens survived due to her quick reaction and tenacity.

  • Congenital hernias are hernias that occur at birth and some are small enough to heal themselves, possibly even going unnoticed. If the hernia does not close on its own, however, surgery can take place when the puppy is castrated.

  • While dogs do see colors, they are unable to differentiate as many colors as humans. Their sight is better at seeing in dim lighting and detecting motion – qualities that may be of more help when hunting.

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