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Piggin’ Out

Piggin’ Out

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Pol Clinic is cookin' up chaos from a guinea pig with a personality that's too saucy to a bunch of piglets that are having trouble piggin' out. Next to arrive at the clinic, Hope, whose situation seems anything but hopeful to her owners. When Hope was born breach, her hip was dislocated and now it's do or die for this little calf. Will Dr. Brenda be able to successfully heal her? Or will the Woodruff family lose Hope? This year marks the very first Hearty Harvest Chili Cook off a local event hosted by Hearty Harvest owner, Natalie Wernette to promote local farmers. Natalie convinces Dr. Pol to sign on as a judge of the chili cook off, and Charles decides he's going to enter. But before the Pol posse can enjoy the chili cook off, there are more sick animals to tend to. A hedgehog named Ziggy is feeling extra prickly due to some unwanted visitors in his spines. And it's time for one stallion to kiss his glory days goodbye in one of Dr. Pol's oldest castrations yet.