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Lethal Weapons

The worlds largest nocturnal primate could have come from Frankensteins laboratory.  It has the ears of a bat, the teeth of a beaver, and a body like an electrocuted cat.  This strange creature is known as the aye-aye.  The aye-aye kills with surgical precision.  It uses its middle finger as a drumstick.  The big bat ears hear the difference between solid wood and holes drilled in the underside of the board.

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Lethal weapons are a must in the natural world: animals kill to survive. Nat Geo WILD tracks down the elite warriors that have upgraded their artilleries - forget teeth or claws, this is sophisticated killing technology. Slow-motion cameras capture the force as its tongue accelerates to more than 13 miles per hour in only 20 milliseconds, while the tip forms a suction seal around its prey. Meet the aye-aye, the world's largest nocturnal primate, known for its extra-long finger used to killl.