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The ultimate venomous killer is the taipan.  One bite can kill over 100,000 mice.  The bite of a taipan is almost 100 times more deadly than an American diamondback rattlesnake.  Its extreme toxicity first paralyzes, then pre-digests breaking down muscle tissue even before preys swallowed whole.  The taipan grows to be over 6 feet long, with the longest fangs of any Australian snake.

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Travel to Indonesia, where there are more venomous reptiles per square yard than any other area on earth. Here, the Komodo dragon dribbles deadly drool and can kill with just one bite. Meet the box jellyfish: touch one of its tentacles, and millions of microscopic stinging cells blast coiled harpoons deep into your skin, firing venom 10 times quicker than an air bag inflates in a car crash. If disturbed, the Brazilian wandering spider goes on the offensive, injects enough venom to kill anyone.