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The Wild Bunch Facts

Unlikely Animal Friends: The Wild Bunch

Unlikely Animal Friends: The Wild Bunch (View larger version)

  • A baby rhinoceros will usually nurse (drink mother's milk) for at least one year.

  • Sheep are herd animals. They like being in groups and can be quite useful in fostering orphaned animals.

  • Tonda the orangutan lived to 50 years old and spent her last three with TK the housecat.

  • Foxes live in dens called "earths" in the UK.

  • Badgers build elaborate tunnel and burrow systems called "setts." Some clans occupy their setts for generations.

  • The common name for a galago is a bush baby.

  • Female baboons are often fascinated and interested in infants.

  • Baby monkeys and apes require physical intimacy, usually provided by their mothers.

  • Fewer than 5,000 black rhinos are left in the wild.

  • Rhinos can get sunburns, so mothers give their babies daily mud baths to help them cool down and give them protection from the sun.