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Rat Genius

DC's Jumping Rats

America's capital is under assault - from the brown rat.


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Rat Genius: DC's Jumping Rats


America's capital is under assault - from the brown rat.


Dianne Rochenski
Dianne Rochenski

Rats are wonderful animals.  I have 7 domestic rescues and 4 wild rat rescues.  I love them all.  It's human's fault that rats multiply because we leave trash around.  The rat won't breed if there is not a regular food supply because it knows it will not be able to feed it's young.  ( pretty smart )They do not attack people.  Rats are clean, sweet, beautiful and smart and do not deserve the reputation they have.  It was found that the black plague was caused by humans, because it spread to fast.  The rat died from the flea bite as well.  Exterminators make money off killing rats and mice, so they scare people into believing they are evil.  I have been bitten by many a wild rat because I tried to pick them up to socialize them.  They bit me because they were frightened and I NEVER got sick.  God created them because he loves them.  We should also.  Don't blame rats for human stupidity and lack of human cleanliness!


Dianne Rochenski