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Valley of the Giant Panda

The panda has long been known in China. It was mentioned in dictionaries more than two thousand years ago and the Imperial garden is said to have housed one.  In the dense bamboo of the forest one panda rarely sees another; instead they communicate by subtle scent signals.  At a meter and a half long and a hundred and thirty five kilos, the giant panda is member of the bear family famous for its exclusive bamboo diet.  But its bear-like digestive system is built for eating meat, not this tough, fibrous stuff!

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China's eastern heartland is the center of a flourishing civilization that spans more than five thousand years. The people who live here -- the "Han" Chinese -- comprise the largest ethnic group in the world, and their language, Mandarin, is the world's oldest and most widely spoken language. Nat Geo WILD explores China further, from its futuristic modern cities to the traditional seaweed-thatched villages to the wild wetlands.