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Sneak Attacks

A cheetah subdues its prey, a gazelle.  Theyre the fastest mammals on Earth, capable of reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour in pursuit of prey.  But a cheetah can only keep this up for mere seconds.  When stalking a kill, they wait until theyre within 50 feet before attempting an ambush.

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Witness freak encounters, unexpected assaults and killer animal instincts -- these are the world's weirdest sneak attacks. In South Africa, a cyclist is suddenly slammed by an antelope traveling at 30 mph. In North Carolina, a 250-lb gator wanders into a highway ditch and the relocation efforts are disastrous. Other encounters include a 24-foot-long anaconda loose in a town and a man who discovers how agonizing it can be to have a fish burrow into your urethra.