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Animal Einsteins


An orangutan who loves doing laundry.


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Animal Einsteins: Chore-Monkey


An orangutan who loves doing laundry.


Orangutan Banana
Orangutan Banana

On the plantations of gum and oil palm trees (20.000 hectare - Kalimantan’s Palm Oil Project - the Newsletter of Subud Enterprise Services USA Volume 5 Number 1 September 2012) children labor and the environment destruction is a daily activity. Plantations are given rise on the cuttings, effectuated by havoc of the seriously reduced rain forests. All of this causes the disappearance of the territory of a special orangutan species, which exists only that place. Cutting the rain forests causes that the existed orangutan substance has to wander to the plantation, where their attendance are undesirable, therefore these individuals are shouted down by the locals, because the orangutans destroy their only workplaces given them by the Subud. Disciples of the Islam definitely protect the environment and the animals. There are a lot of local Indonesian religious directions about the increased protection of the habitat. All of these facts confirm, that Subud, who call itself as a follower of the Islam, actually use the religion only to hide their real function, the economy and political purposes.