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Brutal Killers Facts

Brutal Killers

Brutal Killers (View larger version)

  • Unlike other big cats, it’s very easy to distinguish male lions from females due to the manes.

  • Research suggests lionesses have a natural preference to mate with dark haired mane males.

  • Sometimes lone lions are killed by Hyenas.

  • The Serengeti, its 'Kopjes' and its lions where the inspiration for the Disney film 'The Lion King'.

  • Lions will not pass an opportunity to steal a kill from another predator.

  • Lions will kill competition if they can. Leopards, Hyenas and Cheetahs have been known to be killed.

  • All lions are born with spots but they disappear when they grow up.

  • Lions are the most social of big cats – they live in social communities known as prides.

  • Lions do not only dwell in Africa but are also found in India where a few hundred still live in the wild.

  • The rare white lions are not albinos but are white due to a recessive gene.

  • Lions need to drink water, but can survive for a few days without.

  • Males with prides don’t do much work when it comes to bringing down dinner; females do more than 80% of the hunting.