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Apocalypse 101

Livin' Off the Grid

The guys take a look at the campsite of a very well prepared prepper.


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Apocalypse 101: Livin' Off the Grid


The guys take a look at the campsite of a very well prepared prepper.


Colorado Warhorse
Colorado Warhorse

National Geographic,

I am glad your starting up a show on off the grid living.  I feel this a great way to show the public how one can live without the excess in life.Apocalypse 101I personally know the two guys (Jeff and Chris)  in this video and feel your are just scraping the surface on the capabilities.  From my 23 years in the U.S. Army service and my extensive training I can say for a fact that the two gentleman in this video put my abilities to same.  There knowledge on how to survive in extreme cold and with out any aid is extremely impressive.  I just hope and pray that you will give them some real air time to truly show the American people how to live with out all the excess.  Both men are very well educated and of good report. As a Soldier I would trust my life in there hands to keep me alive when the chips are down. Thank you for hearing my voice on this video and I hope you will give them a full story on what they are truly about.  My comments here are my personal opinion and do not reflect the U.S. Government or the U.S. Army.  Again thank you for starting a show that is more about the issues we face in the country. 


SFC Shane