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Meet the Crew

A Who's Who of the Danley Demolition Crew

Lee and Brian of Danley Demolition

Brian and Lee of Danley Demolition (View larger version)


Brian Gurry

Lee's Partner, Eric's Uncle
  • Shoots first and asks questions later
  • Would rather ask for forgiveness then permission
  • Doesn't stop searching until he knows a house has been harvested for all potential profits
  • Is a born hoarder

LIKES: Finding valuable stuff, exploring new houses, making money
HATES: Being under-bid, leaving a house without KNOWING he got everything

Lee Danley

Owner, Brian's Partner, Gina's Father
  • Doesn't let Brian forget they're in this thing together and they both have a say
  • Plays by the rules and wants a guaranteed profit
  • Challenges Brian's almost pathological need to take risks
  • Is the only one who can go toe to toe with Brian

LIKES: Playing it safe, guns, spending time with his wife, making deals
HATES: Risking profits, wasting time

Kip Walker

Excavator Operator
  • Cannot be controlled; they can only hope to contain him
  • Has a lot of demolition experience
  • Is a total germaphobe
  • Can't stand when co-workers screw with his schedule or make mistakes

LIKES: Work, talking to himself, demolition, hunting, talk radio, McDonalds
HATES: Waiting, people in general, poor hygiene, olives

Eric Gurry

Day Laborer, Brian's Nephew
  • Works hard
  • Plays hard
  • Has a good head on his shoulders
  • He's wicked funny, dude.

LIKES: The Bruins, the Celts, the Pats, and the Sox (“Sawx”)
HATES: Mornings, nights, people, his car

Jeanne Moses
Jeanne Moses

Great show! Nice to see local businesses do well. I just found this show & will be watching every episode! Growing up in the area & knowing of the business makes it even more interesting. Plus I am secretly jealous of the guys with this job. Hoping to find some treasures in the old house I bought in Maine. Demo on boys!

Laura Losh
Laura Losh

hope this show comes back , great group of people , and like seeing what they find . 

Kristina Finnel
Kristina Finnel

Hi there, I run a nonprofit in Milwaukee, WI. We need to tear our building down and it's expensive to do so, so we are looking into our options. Any way we could get "Bid and Destroy" to come to Milwaukee?!

kevin riekman
kevin riekman

We love the show(Bid and Destroy)Asked some friends to watch it sometime and let us know what there thoughts were?And there response was the same as our thoughts Great Show concept,but the young guy (Eric) totally wrecks the show,I'm sure he's a nice guy but one terrible actor and quite annoying!Thank-You

Sara Geers
Sara Geers

@kevin riekman

Are wewatching the same show? Eric makes the show! He cracks me up. Definitely thebest parts of the show are when he and Brian are doing the picking in thehouses.