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Building Wild

Tuffy Tales: Must Find Water

TUESDAYS at 9/8c

No matter how thirsty you get, don't drink out of the stream!


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Building Wild: Tuffy Tales: Must Find Water


No matter how thirsty you get, don't drink out of the stream!


Rich Stoller
Rich Stoller

It is offensive to any of us who know anything about the construction and especially those of us involved in timber framing or the restoration of old barns when you act like the job has an unrealistic deadline and everything is a panic.  If the contractor in charge intended to do a good job they would not accept the job with an unrealistic time frame.  Secondly, the video showing the team setting up one side of the building illustrated several unsafe procedures.  Finally, the lack of respect for old barns and the material used to create them is a travesty.  

If your goal is to make a stupid reality show go ahead and join that group of misfits.  But, if you intend to be representative of what most of us expect of  National Geographic you will change the format or get different people involved because this group appears to be a bunch of ignorant red necks - not what we expect from National Geographic.

Jackolyn Houghton
Jackolyn Houghton

@Rich Stoller First and foremost, these people are not rednecks. They are hardworking individuals who also like to entertain. Also, if your intention is to slam contractors who take the care and initiative to reclaim a barn that was clearly unstable and dangerous and create a safe and efficient cabin then you as a professional should rethink your position. 

What those men are doing is inspirational and it brings home the character of a close nit small town working class. If you think for one second that people are going to agree with your thoughtless rant you are mistaken.

Sometimes the unexpected is what networks need!