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Civil War Nectar Sector Facts

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Now a converted bed-and-breakfast, Meander Plantation was built around 1766. During the Civil War, the property was owned by a confederate family, but was taken over by Union troops. It is located 10 miles from the Brandy Station battlefield, site of the largest Cavalry battle fought in the U.S.

The Meander Plantation (View larger version)

Photograph by Cory Adcock-Camp / National Geographic Channels

  • Orange, Virginia got its name from William IV, Prince of Orange.
  • The Battle of Brandy Station was the largest cavalry battle ever fought in North America.
  • During the Civil War, as the Union Army approached, Southern families often buried their valuables.
  • The Meander Plantation property covers 80 acres.
  • From 1864 to 1909, U.S. cents were made of bronze.
  • St. Thomas’s Episcopal Church was built in 1833-34 in the Town of Orange. This sole remaining example of Thomas Jefferson's ecclesiastical work was also Robert E. Lee's place of worship during his encampment in Orange in the winter of 1863-64.
  • General Ambrose Powell Hill commanded 18,000 soldiers from the front lawn of the Mayhurst property.